Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Qatar

Travel insurance multi trip in Qatar provides coverage for several trips within a year under a single policy. The Qatar tourism industry has been consistently posting growth, with the number of tourists increasing by 24% in the third quarter on 2011. According to the Qatar Tourism Authority, more growth is expected in the future.


For the best multi-trip travel insurance coverage, expats in Qatar have relied on International Medical Group for more than twenty years. Round-the-clock medical management, round-the-world service centers, and travel cancellation programs are only three of the many unique advantages offered by IMG through its global subsidiaries. The company is also a standard setter in combining internal and external functions to ensure maximum efficiency.

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For their global lifestyle, Qatar expatriates understand that they need the right kind of insurance coverage if they want to be truly secured overseas. MultiNational Underwriters provides an entire range of policies which are appropriate to their specific needs, including Group Secure, the International Citizens series, Atlas Professional, Student Secure, Atlas International, Citizen Secure and Atlas America.

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