Essential Employment Paperwork in Romania



Though nationals of the European Union are eligible for the visa exemption, they still need to apply for a residence permit. All other foreign nationals who wish to seek employment in this country are required to secure the relevant work permit/s to avoid legal consequences. 

Work Permits for Romania are tied to a particular job and in most cases; it is the role of the employer to arrange the permits of their employees. Keep in mind that this country implements a ‘quota system’ whereas the number of permits granted to foreign workers is strictly regulated. Also, the company will only be allowed to hire an expat if it has been proven to the government that no eligible Romanian or EU/EEA applicant can fill the vacancy. It takes about 45 days for the permit to be processed and some of the documents that must be presented during the application are: 

  • Copy of the expatriate’s passport
  • CV or Curriculum Vitae
  • Reference Letters from pervious employers
  • Certificate of No Criminal Record
  • Medical Certificate 

Long Stay Visa for Employment 

Once the work permit has been released, the expat can proceed to the long stay visa application at the Romanian Embassy/Consulate in his home country. Aside from the work permit, applicants must also furnish a medical insurance and proof of sufficient funds. Immigration procedures are subject to frequent change, and it is best to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the latest long-stay/employment visa application requirements and fees. 

Temporary Residence Permit and Cod de Identificare Fiscala (CIF) 

Upon arrival in Romania, expats must go to the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance to apply for a Cod de Identificare Fiscala (CIF) which will serve as their tax registration certificate. Non-EU/EEA nationals also need to register at the office of the General Inspectorate for Immigration near their area of residence at least one month before the expiry of their long-stay. The documents that applicants must bring when applying for a temporary residence in Romania are: 

  • Passport/Visa
  • CIF
  • Proof of local residence
  • Proof of Income or Salary
  • Medical Clearance 

Residence permits are tied to work permits and are typically valid for one year. Holders of this permit can apply for renewal as long as they stay with the same employer that issued their work permit.