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It is granted that there are a lot on your list of things to prepare when relocating and not to mention that you might be under a tight budget for the first few months. Most expats think that investing in insurance, which you can not use immediately, is not as important as securing a home, education of your children and other necessities. If you do not see an urgent need of having a good health care protection while in Romania, then you should think twice and at least check what level of coverage your employer is providing you. There are many benefits of being protected, especially that you are on a foreign country. You wouldn’t want to be caught up in an emergency or an unpleasant situation and realise that you don’t have any fallback. Let us give you some information on how you can protect your belongings and most precious possession: your health.

Getting Insurance

Before calling other companies, you should talk first to the Human Resource department in your office to enquire if health care is included in your contract. Most expats moving to Romania should have medical coverage from their employers or sponsors as part of the relocation package, so it's highly possible that you have one. Your employer should also be on the list of licensed brokers of the National Bank of Romania, a local institution that supervises the operation of all insurance companies in the country.

Aside from the health care protection that your employer might offer, you can also find different types of insurance from the international and local providers in Romania. You need to keep in mind that no matter how urgent the need is for having one, it is important that you study the different policies first before signing a contract. Calling a couple of them can help you in deciding which company can provide the policy that’ll meet your needs. You can choose between an international company like Bupa Global who offers world-class health coverage to expats in Romania and a local broker called Allianz Tiriac ‎that provides both property and medical coverage.

Importance of Insurance

Romania is considered to be a safe destination without mandatory vaccinations for foreigners entering the territory. However, there are still some health risks that you should be aware of especially that you are treading on unfamiliar ground. Tap water is safe but if you are going outdoors or on the mountains, it is still better to bring bottled purified water to avoid acquiring any water-borne infections. You should also be aware of rabies because there are stray dogs in some of the streets in a few cities and it is best to be vaccinated against it.

Remove the thought that health care only covers accidents, major illnesses and emergency situations. Many policies include preventive treatments or services such as vaccinations, routine checkups and even health boosters like vitamins are available upon your physician’s request. There are also other types of insurance that’ll secure your properties, and you better get one so you can have the peace of mind that whatever happens, your investments will not go to waste.

Local Insurance in Romania

The public health care system of Romania is under the supervision of the National Health Agency, which implements a broad range of medical assistance to all people in the country. Both expats and working Romanians are required to pay contribution from their salaries to fund the NHA where in return, they will be entitled to all the health care benefits from the state. If you are from an EU state, make sure to bring your European Health Insurance so you can get free services and treatments to all the state hospitals in the country. Romania is still considered to be developing when it comes to their public health care, and you need to prepare yourself for major changes compared to the medical services that you were used to. In the case of an emergency, you can dial 112 which will automatically connect you to the nearest fire and police station.

Expats in Romania are strongly advised to get private health care because there are some limitations if you will just rely on the NHA. If you are to get one, it's best to contact an international company for your insurance. One of the benefits of having an international coverage is that they design their policies to meet and secure the lifestyle of foreigners abroad. You will also have the peace of mind that wherever you go, you will have a team of experienced professionals who know how to handle your situation.



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