Car Insurance in Romania

Having international car insurance in Romania is of utmost importance, especially for foreign nationals who drive their own cars. The driving laws in Romania are very strict, and those caught violating them might face hefty fines. Expats driving their own vehicles in Romania are required to have the following: valid driver’s license from their country of origin, a sticker at the back of the car with the initials of their home country, car insurance certificate and registration, a warning triangle in the boot, first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher.

Clements Worldwide, a global insurance company, offers international car insurance for expats living in Romania and anywhere in the world. The comprehensive insurance covers physical damage, worldwide liability, towing and labour, and political violence. A supplemental Excess Liability protection for $500,000 eliminate any possible gap in coverage. Clements further ensures superior 24-hour customer service.

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