International School Advisory in Russia

As Russia is a huge country, education system sometimes differs from region to region. That’s why hiring an international school advisory in Russia is the best choice expatriate people can make for their children, because thanks to that service they will find the best institution and won’t waste any time in dispensable research.

The best way to move overseas is to plan ahead, preferably with the help of professionals. When it comes to school placement assistance services, expats in Russia and worldwide have long counted on School Choice International. For the past 17 years, SCI has been making transitions easier for families making the big move overseas, thanks to its powerhouse team of advisers.

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The Good Schools Guide International provides expat families school placement advisory services when relocating to Russia. One of the service main features is providing families an overview of schools in the area of interest, along with important information such as crime rates, neighborhoods, transportation, and so on. Before making recommendations, GSGI profiles not only students but their parents as well in order to ensure a closer match.

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