Emergency Numbers in Russia



Emergency situations are inevitable. Hence, it is best that you have emergency numbers in Russia saved on your mobile phone or posted in the common area of your house.

In case of fire, dial 01, Police - 02, Ambulance - 03, Gas Leak - 04.

Airports Inquiries (Bykovo, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo I, Vnukovo), call 941-9999.
For city air terminal services, call 941-9999. For railway terminals Inquiries, call 457-4050; Southern - 118-7811 and for bus terminal inquiries - 468-0400.

Telephone, Telegraph & Post:
International telephone exchange - 8-190, 8-194, 8-196
Long distance calls 8-11 - 8-18
International Post Office - 114-4645
Central Telegraph Office - 504-4444

For Lost & Stolen credit cards, get in touch with the credit card companies hotline numbers: American Express - 956-9013, Cardcenter - 956-1096/0743, Diners Club - 912-0009/0752, Plastics Cards Department - 737-5800, STB Cards - 230-5684/85/86, Union Card Processing Company - 943-0019, 947-9196 and United Cards Services - 956-4806/3556.

BY 2012, Russia will have a single number for emergency for all services - 112. Currently the numbers mentioned above connects to different services, most importantly the ambulance, fire department, and police. With the new number 112, the call is actually prioritized by all the mobile and landline networks. These calls will be free of charge whether if it is from a landline or from a mobile phone.



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