Having a Baby in Russia



Having a baby can sometimes give you anxiety over your baby’s health and safety, more so if you are about to give birth in a foreign country.

Expectant mothers in Russia can join a local support group of mothers-to-be in your own local community.

To reduce anxiety, expats are recommended to purchase private health insurance in Russia, especially if one is starting a new family, as good way of ensuring your health as well as your baby.

Here are a few reminders to ensure a safe delivery for your baby while in Russia: join pre-natal classes available in Western medical centers in Moscow (in English) and arrange for an English-speaking doctor or arrange for an interpreter who will be present with you during labor and delivery; choose carefully your hospital, sign a contract and pay the deposit.

One must contact his home country Embassy to receive citizenship and to apply for passport once the baby is born.

Postnatal care will be provided by the Russian Public Health care system. Parents have the choice to avail of the free Russian-made vaccines for immunization or pay for it in private clinics.

Approximately $2,500 is needed for a C-section with 15 days hospital stay. There are also different packages to choose from. For a list of maternity clinics and OB-Gyne doctors, please click here.



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