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Insuring yourself and your assets while working in Moscow is of utmost importance. Expats should know that living abroad without protection will not just make your health, but also your finances vulnerable to potential risks. Access to local health care comes at a prices and Moscow has one of the most thriving insurance industries in Europe. We are here to guide you on why and how you can get one.

Getting Insurance

Expats choosing an insurance provider in Moscow should ensure that it is accredited by the Central Bank of Russia. If you are looking for a health plan, you must contact first your employer to enquire if you have the necessary medical coverage from them. It is usually included in an expats relocation package to Moscow so there's a good chance that you also have one.

Most of the major international and local insurance companies are situated in Moscow, so expats moving to this city will find a broad range of choices. You can consider Rosgosstrakh (RGS), the country’s leading largest life and non-life insurer.

Take your time in choosing which plan you need and company to get your insurance from. You can start your research by going thru their websites because it contains information about their various policies and price range. Once you're ready to purchase, just send an email or give them a call to schedule an appointment with one of their agents.


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Importance of Insurance

While you will find the regular hazards of any developed city, yet floods and earthquakes are the most common nature hazards in Moscow. These are the reasons why should have your properties such as home and car insured while living in the city. Even if you take necessary precautions, no one can predict the level of damage a natural disaster can cause. By having property insurance, you do not have to worry about any repair or replacement because it will be covered by your provider.

Local Insurance in Moscow

The Russian insurance market is currently considered to be the most promising among other countries in Eastern and Central Europe. There are over 500 insurance companies in the country where a majority are stationed in Moscow, the capital. All of these life and non-life insurers are under the regulation and supervision of the Central Bank of Russia.

Vehicle insurance is mandatory for all drivers in Moscow. It is a requirement that is being strictly implemented by the local traffic management authorities. Car insurance in the city is referred to as ‘green paper’ and must be with you at all times when driving. It is best that you get this type of coverage from a local company since your insurance from your home country may not apply in Moscow.

International insurance is still a preferable choice for expats in Moscow especially if it concerns their health. The city or generally speaking, the country itself has below average quality of public health care. International policy will give you the peace of mind that your medical or emergency needs will be covered anywhere you are in the country and can give you access to the best private facilities.



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