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Since its independence in 1991, Russia has attracted a number of multinational assignments and some of the challenges faced by expat has not only been the currency fluctuations. Accessing the right health cover for instance, that will give you access to good healthcare facility has been a major concern as well. Some products have been created specifically for the country’s expat population, you can have a look first at your group corporate benefits and evolve from there. Let us give you some information on how you can secure yourself while accepting a position in Russia.

Getting Insurance

Your employer or sponsor should be the first to provide your health care as part of your relocation package to Russia. If this wasn’t appropriately discussed to you during contract signing, feel free to talk to a Human Resource officer so that they can discuss with you the coverage of your policies. If you have one, next thing that you need to check is if your company is on the list of accredited brokers by the Central Bank of Russian Federation . They are the one who oversees all their operations and ensures that no client rights are violated.

Another option for you is to get insurance from the international and local companies in Romania. Aside from medical coverage, you will also find other types of policy that’ll secure your home, car, finances and other properties. You can consider Clements Worldwide, one of the top international providers of health coverage for many expats or Rosgosstrakh (RGS) which is the largest local insurance company in Russia.

Importance of Insurance

Tuberculosis is one of the common causes of death in Russia, so it is best that you stay in the main cities where there fewer cases of reported. Though there are no required vaccinations, it is still best that you get one that’ll protect you against rabies, tetanus, diphtheria, measles, rubella and polio. HIV and Aids are also prevalent in some areas. Aside from these, it is still considered not safe to drink tap water in Russia especially when you are outdoors because it can cause vomiting or diarrhoea.

Health insurance in Russia is necessary beyond question especially if your job will require you to travel between urban areas and interact with people. Also, excellent emergency service can be pricey and have medical coverage will not just save you money but your life as well since most of the mentioned illnesses are not deadly if you receive immediate treatment. Your policy can also cover hospitalisations, confinements and other services such as regular check-ups and vaccinations that can prevent you from being seriously ill.

Local Insurance in Russia

Expats moving to Russia should brace themselves from the underfunded and of the poor quality of public health care. Also, most Russian doctors and medical personnel do not speak English, which will be an issue for expats who are not fluent in speaking the local language. Even if citizens and expats (permanent residents) are entitled to receive free medical treatment from any of the state-funded hospitals, you will still feel the public sector’s low standard that is evident in the poor facilities, understaffed hospitals and long wait lines. You can dial 112 in the case of an emergency or immediate need of an ambulance.

It is still strongly suggested for you to get private health care, preferably an international insurance. Most treatments for serious illnesses are currently unavailable in the country and will require you to be transferred to a different country or back home; which is covered in the international policy. Also, multinational companies tailor fit their insurance to meet the lifestyle and needs of every expat clients anywhere in the world, including a translator which is vital in Russia especially in an emergency situation where language barrier is the last thing you want to experience.


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