Pet Import Regulations in Russia



Relocating pets to Russia is a simple procedure. An import permit is not needed and there is no quarantine. You just have to present veterinary documents proving your pet has vaccinations against rabies and feline/canine infectious diseases.

Your cat or dog must have been vaccinated within the last twelve (12) months and preferably at least one (1) month prior to its arrival in Russia. Pet relocation service in Russia usually follows stricter import procedures when it comes to other animals like birds and other exotic animals. 

There are vaccinations that are good for three years. If your pet were already vaccinated with one of these, Russian import regulations would require a re-vaccination, which will not be harmful to the animal. Rabies exists in Russia, and proof of a valid rabies vaccination must be presented for re-exporting your pet from Russia. A health certificate from your veterinarian is also required if you are exporting your pet from your home country into Russia. The certificate should be at least issued 3 days but not more than 10 days prior to your pet's departure from your origin country to Russia. For international pet relocation in Russia, you can check out helpful online tips.

Documents in English are accepted; otherwise they may have to be translated into Russian and/or English.

Upon arrival in Moscow, you will be asked by Russian customs to register your pet at the airport's veterinary station. The airport vet will stamp and date your pet's health certificate. Registration may cost approximately 400 Rubles per animal, payable in Russian Rubles only, in cash.

Ensure that your pet is shipped as accompanied baggage or excess baggage and not as cargo. Customs clearance procedures for cargo may take a long and be difficult to process.



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