Visiting the Doctor in Russia



In major cities, finding medical help would not be a problem as there are several facilities in every district.

An expat working in the remote regions, like Siberia, usually for an oil and gas company, should have a reliable international health insurance policy that includes medical evacuation or airlifting, since medical facilities in these regions may be substandard.

Russians have excellent doctors, who have made significant contributions in laser eye surgery and heart surgery. The only downside is that the country's medical infrastructure is below western standards.

International health insurance in Russia is a must for every expat as the local doctor's service may be free, but the facilities are often substandard due to lack of funds. It would be better to seek private medical care, as there are several doctors in Russia that are part of medical organizations from the West.

Be sure that you have your embassy's contact number with you at all times just in case of an emergency and you need to find out which hospitals in Russia are located nearest you. At any other time, doctors in Russia require an appointment before you visit them. A single consultation may cost approximately $120.

Ask your doctor from your home country to prescribe enough medications before you leave for Russia. There are several pharmacies in Russia, but you may find the same prescriptions under a different name and are made by a different manufacturer.

The Russian Medical Society is a medical organization that ensures the quality of medical care but there is no denying the fact that Russia would have to upgrade its medical equipment and facilities.