Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Russia

A total of 23,676,000 visitors entered Russia as tourists in the last year, a huge number when the stringent visa procedure is taken into account. Most of them came with travel insurance multi trip in Russia to ensure that should they be injured or fall sick in the country their health would still be well cared for.


Expats in Russia and other frequent travelers around the globe are aware that they can always trust International Medical Group for their overseas security. IMG is not only known for providing high-value products, but also for employing customer service professionals who work with zeal in making benefits possible for the company's millions of clients around the world.

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Traveling abroad can lead to a few unexpected situations. That is the reason travel insurance is important, or even critical in some cases. In Russia, MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional secures travelers for multiple trips they make within a one-year period at the cost of just one plan. MNU provides this coverage for no less than 3 million people around the world each year in not less than 130 countries.

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