Single Trip Travel Insurance in Russia

Over one million, 1,135,737 in fact, new immigrants moved to Russia within the last twelve months. Most of these people came from nearby countries, though an increasing number of people are entering the country to teach English. No matter your reason for coming, you will need travel insurance single trip in Russia for proper health protection.


GlobeHopper plans are not only available to individuals but also for those traveling in group to Russia and other locations. Taking an adventure abroad can also be indefinite at times but expats will not have to worry since there is a possibility to extend their coverage within two years period.

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International travelers going to Russia and all over the world wants to have an insurance provider whom they can trust their safety while overseas. An insurance partner like MultiNational Underwriter will help travelers with safeguarding their lives and those of their loved ones as well. MNUI provides a 24/7 access to their customer service for further information.

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