Tax Advisory in Russia

Expat tax in Russia applies to foreigners in the country who have resided in it for at least 183 days. Otherwise, they are considered non-residents and will not be taxed. A flat rate of 13% is imposed on all foreigners who are considered residents.

Expatriates hiring a personal taxation service professional will be able to minimize the taxes they pay, comply with rules and regulations that are specific to their situation, and eventually avoid the burden of tax audits in their home countries. This is what UK-based Andrew Baker does best, after 35 years of serving clients in Russia and other parts of the world.

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Tax Advisory Expatriates is a global consulting firm which provides quality service and realistic tax advices to their expatriate clients in Russia and from the rest of the world. Anyone living and working abroad are required to understand the tax policies and procedures in the host country to ensure that expats comply with it while overseas.

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