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Moving Services in Russia

There are legal requirements involved in order to move to Russia. An entry visa is required for everyone entering into Russia from any other country. The entry visa can be of several different types. There is the business visa that is good for a time period of up to 12 months. A work visa is good for only 3 months, and it requires a job offer already in Russia. The tourist visa is valid for brief visits of up to only 30 days. The private visa is available for a few visitors such as those who have family or friends in Russia who invite them.


Foreigners coming to study in Russia need to have a student visa, which can be extended for as long as necessary to complete studies. Finally there are transit visas which are only valid for brief layovers in Russia while transferring to another destination. The person who is coming to Russia needs to have an invitation from somebody already in Russia in order to get an entry visa from a Russian consulate.


For tourists this is just a formality as the travel agency can issue the invitation on their own behalf. Business visas require an invitation from a company in Russia, and student visas require an invitation from a school or university in Russia.

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