International School Advisory in San Marino

Several institutions offer international school advisory in San Marino for all local and foreign students. Expats must consider the compatibility of the educational institution to ones skills and budget when searching for an international school. One of the known international schools in San Marino is the International Academy of Sciences San Marino.

In many cases, people are concerned about their children’s education when faced with an offer to work abroad. With School Choice International, there is no need to worry as no less than 140 professional consultants are providing reliable school placement advice to at least 13,500 families around the world, including in San Marino. Expats have been counting on SCI's expertise for the last 17 years now.

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Consultancy services for parents who are searching for suitable schools for their kids abroad, is the specialty of the Good Schools Guide International. With its large network and resources, GSGI is able to supply useful information in a prompt manner, making it easier for families who have plans of relocating to San Marino and over 50 other destinations around the world.

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