Essential Employment Paperwork in San Marino



It is quite difficult for foreign nationals to land a job in San Marino because the government has a labour law in place which protects the local job market. This means that a company should prioritize hiring Sammarinese nationals first before foreign nationals. 

San Marino practices an open border with Italy which means that immigration, as well as entry procedures of Italy, apply to it as well. Not all foreign nationals need a visa to enter San Marino, and expatriates should check with the Italian Embassy/Consulate in their home country to find out the latest documents that they need to secure before flying in. 

Work Permit 

There are about Expatriates who wish to stay in the Republic of San Marino for more than ten days are required to obtain a residence permit. Stay permits for this country are classified into three but the most ideal for those who wish to seek employment is the Special Permit. Keep in mind though that only when no qualified local candidate was found can a company hire a foreigner and expats must have a concrete job offer first before they are granted either of the two types of Special Permit: 

  • Continuous Permit - The continuous permit is granted by the State Congress to foreign nationals who have an indefinite job contract in San Marino. 
  • Seasonal Permit - This type of permit is issued to expatriates that will work in San Marino for up to ten months. Seasonal Permits are granted by the Foreign Office of Gendarmerie only after a work permit has been issued by the Labour Office of San Marino. 

These permits are processed once the expatriate has arrived in San Marino. As mentioned above, those who wish to seek employment in this country should first check if they need an entry visa and how to obtain one to avoid legal issues with the San Marinese or Italian immigration authorities.