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Working abroad is quite an enticing idea, especially if it is in a country as lovely as San Marino. Aside from packing your bags, preparing your new home and other necessities, you must not forget to put health care in the top boxes of your checklist. Most people overlook the importance of insurance because of the many other things that need to be taken care of and feeling that the company will pay. Relocating to a different country has many benefits and at the same time, lots of uncertainties. Let us guide you on how you can protect and secure your health while reaching your dreams in the tiny, but a breathtakingly beautiful nation of San Marino.

Getting Insurance

Your health care in San Marino should come from your employer or sponsor. It should be included in your relocation package and usually covers your dependents as well. If there are parts of your policy that you need some clarifications, it is best that you call the Human Resource department of your office since they are the one handling the benefits and compensation of all employees. Your company should also be on the list of accredited insurers by the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino, a sector of the local government which regulates the operation of all insurance brokers in the country.

You also have the choice to purchase different types of policy that cover properties and finances from the list of international and local insurance companies in San Marino. Keep in mind that deciding which provider to use is the most important part of protecting yourself and your belongings, so it's best to research by calling several of them. You can either choose an international broker such as AXA Global Healthcare who specialises in healthcare for expats or a local company called Campagnia Sanmarinese, one of the top providers of health, life, home, auto, finances and retirement coverage in San Marino.

Importance of Insurance

When travelling to a foreign country, it is always important that your regular vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus, measles, polio and rabies are up to date. Parasitic and insect-borne diseases are common in the outdoors of San Marino so it is best that you always carry insect repellent or avoid walking barefoot. Vehicle-related accidents are common in the country especially for expats who are still adjusting with the roads; authorities strongly suggest that you wear a seatbelt at all times, follow road signs and avoid driving at night or under the influence of alcohol.

Having adequate health care while in San Marino is crucial since it doesn’t just cover emergency services but preventive treatments as well. Fees for vaccinations, routine check-ups, laboratory tests and physical exam can be pricey if you are going to do it on a regular basis. But if you have medical coverage, the insurance company will aid you in these expenses which will surely save you a lot of money.

Local Insurance in San Marino

All local and expat workers in San Marino are required to register with the social security service and health insurance (Azienda Sanitaria Locale). The employers will be the one to pay their contributions by deducting a fixed monthly amount from their salaries. In return, you will receive a health card and number that you need to present to benefit from the free public medical care. Currently, there is only one state-owned hospital in the country which is the San Marino Hospital. Room availability depends on your type of insurance; if you are under the public health care system, you need to share a room with 2 or more patients while those who are using private coverage can get a private or double room. What you should prepare yourself when using the social security or Azienda Sanitaria Locale, is the long wait line and unavailability of some treatments where you need to be transferred outside San Marino to get medical service.

Despite the adequate public health care system, expats in San Marino are still advised to get an international insurance. There are various benefits that only this type of policy can provide such as being covered anywhere you go. Also, international brokers design their coverage to fit the needs and lifestyle of expats which will surely give you the type of protection that you need.


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