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An enclave microstate that takes pride in its highly stable economy, San Marino is known as one of the most affluent and prosperous country in the world in terms of its gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, approximately US$44,208 as of 2008. San Marino also has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Europe, estimated at 7% in 2012.

Job Market

The economy of San Marino is highly dependent on finance, industry, tourism and services. Majority of the Sammarinese people are employed in the Services sector – accounting for 63.5% of the labor force, followed by the Industry sector at 36.3%. Other key industries that also offer employment opportunities in San Marino are banking, electronics and ceramics. 

Minimum Wage/Salary

San Marino has one of the highest minimum wages in the world, recorded at $15,707 per year. According to the law, Sammarinese employees are to be compensated with a national minimum wage of €9.69 per hour (US$12.98), or approximately €1,525 a month (US$2,112).

Working Conditions

The standard work week in San Marino is 36 hours for workers employed in the public sector, and 37.5 hours for workers employed in private businesses and the industry sector. The labor law of San Marino dictates premium payment for overtime and allows only a maximum of two hours of overtime per day. Workers are entitled to 11 public holidays and a paid annual leave of 26 working days.

Income Tax

San Marino implements a fiscal policy, a system that contemplates direct taxation (I.G.R.L and I.G.R.P) and indirect (single-phase) taxation. All working residents of San Marino are subject to a progressive scale of individual income tax, starting at 12% up to 50%. The rates and income brackets are as follows:

General Income Brackets

Tax (I.G.R.L)

Up to 9296,22

12% on entire sum

From 9296,23 to 15493,71

17% in the part over 9296,22

From 15493,72 to 25822,84

23% in the part over 15493,71

From 25822,85 to 46481,12

29% in the part over 25822,84

From 46481,13 to 87797,67

35% in the part over 46481,12

From 87797,67 to 154937,07

40% in the part over 87797,67

From 154937,08 to 232405,60

45% in the part over 154937,07

From 232405,61

50% in the part over 232405,61



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