Multi Trip Travel Insurance in San Marino

Frequent business or leisure visitors have access to world-class travel insurance multi trip in San Marino. There is a great advantage if a traveler owns a travel insurance as it guarantees support in the event of accident and illness while on travel. San Marino has gained the reputation of being one of the tourist centers in fact it welcomes approximately 3 million tourists each year.


One name that stands out in the travel industry is International Medical Group, whose multi-trip travel insurance plans are particularly popular among expats in San Marino and other parts of the globe. Behind these plans is IMG's international network of service centers, promising 24-hour availability to clients, regardless of their location.

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Traveling overseas can bring rise to unpredictable situations. That makes travel insurance important or even crucial sometimes. In San Marino, MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional provides multi-trip coverage for a one-year period, at the cost of a single policy. Atlas Professional is for those who are below 66 years old, their spouses who are also below 66, and children within the 14-day to 18-year age range, on the condition that they maintain medical insurance back home.

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