Emergency Numbers in Saudi Arabia



Be prepared and do not get thrown off guard by unforeseen mishaps. Know where you can seek help. Timely reaction will save lots of undue stress, money and even, lives.

In Saudi Arabia, public ambulance services are controlled by the police or the state hospitals. Their efficiency, unfortunately, pales in comparison from most advanced western countries.

There are helicopter services for emergencies but they are mostly used for road accidents or for urgent air evacuation. Victims of road accidents who suffer from minor injuries are often transported to the hospital by either a car or taxi. For non-emergencies, some doctors can make house calls.

Here are some numbers you should have at your fingertips, just in case:

  • Police assistance - 999
  • Fire emergency response - 998
  • Car accidents - 993
  • Public ambulance services - 997
  • Natural disasters - 966
  • Coast guards - 994
  • General Investigation Department (terrorism) - 990
  • General emergency - 112

For life-threatening medical problems, a medical evacuation to a country that offers state-of-the-art facilities can be provided. In Saudi Arabia, air ambulance is widely available and works directly with major hospitals.

Expatriates will find most of the hospitals equipped with modern medical facilities and 24-hour emergency services. Below are some hospitals, which are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). JCI is a non-profit US-based organisation that provides assessment to the performance of medical providers worldwide.


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