Visiting the Doctor in Saudi Arabia



Heath insurance is compulsory to all expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia. In general, employers are responsible to provide expats with an international health insurance plan as this is one of the requirements before an iqama (resident permit) can be issued, as well as any work permits renewals.

The quality of health care in Saudi Arabia is at par to Western Europe and USA standards. However, specialized treatment sometimes leads to medical evacuation.

The majority of the doctors in Saudi Arabia are locals while a great percentage came from Europe, US, Egypt, India and Pakistan. Expats can search doctors in yellow pages or by asking around for referrals.

It is easy to make appointments or change doctors, especially if one has private health coverage. A patient can simply walk in to see a doctor. A typical routine first diagnostic visit to a private doctor cost can start from USD$60.00 plus any additional costs for any test rendered.

There are a vast majority of health centres and hospitals in Saudi Arabia. One of the best hospitals in the Middles East is King Fahd Medical City located in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia is also home to one of the top ophthalmologic hospital, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital.