Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia boasts a fairly low mortality rate, with only 18 deaths in the last year for each 1000 residents. Despite the relative safety and stability in the country, if you plan to visit more than once the country you must protect yourself with travel insurance multi trip in Saudi Arabia, as many risks are inherent to travelling.


International Medical Group is a leading provider of competitive multi-trip travel insurance plans that cover expatriates in Saudi Arabia and no less than 170 other countries all around the world. IMG has been an industry leader for over two decades now, with its unfailing commitment to providing the most reliable medical security for the global population.

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Preparing for an overseas trip is one of the ways to make it successful, especially when one has to travel frequently. Atlas Professional from MultiNational Underwriters is a multi-trip travel policy that protects Saudi Arabia's expats, providing coverage for doctors' fees, hospital and diagnostic test charges, prescription medicine costs and more. MNU serves over 3 million travelers around the world today, including families and individuals, as well as business and service groups.

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