Single Trip Travel Insurance in Saudi Arabia

1,055,517 immigrants moved to Saudi Arabia in the last year alone, a very large number even considering the large size of the country. Most of these people move short term for work, and if you will be among them this year look into travel insurance single trip in Saudi Arabia for all the health protection you could need.


The GlobeHopper Travel Medical Insurance was created by the International Medical Group (IMG) for expatriates to Saudi Arabia and to other parts of the world. Some of its highlights are the short term travel medical insurance, it is also available either in daily or monthly rates. IMG ensures their clients that they will get the best medical coverage possible.

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The international claims specialists and medical professionals from MultiNational Underwriters are available any time of the day which is why most expatriates going to Saudi Arabia and other countries are attracted to have a travel medical insurance with them. The excellent products they offer are not only for individuals but also for their families.

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