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Mail Forwarding in Saudi Arabia

Each year in a country like Saudi Arabia, we can count about 150,000 registered air carrier departures. Whatever is the destination of your letters, you can be it will be handled by efficient postal system, your item sent trough mail forwarding in Saudi Arabia will be delivered at the right time and place.

Earth Class Mail is knowledgeable about mail forwarding services needed by the expatriates in Saudi Arabia. They offer an insurance which is optional can be included in most of your mail and packages shipment. You may also decide on the P.O box or street address you prefer to have your mails be sent.

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The mail forwarding solutions provided by the US Global Mail is applicable for overseas transactions in Saudi Arabia. US Global Mail’s features include viewing of the images of the mail and packages, a physical address and not only a P.O Box can also be given once you plan to accept the packages abroad or in the United States.

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