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Moving to another country means that you have to be physical, mentally and emotionally prepared for the changes that are soon to happen. Many expats create a checklist of all the things they need to take care of to ensure the transition will go as smoothly as possible. They start with learning the business etiquette, finding the best neighbourhood to live in, finding different ways of getting around the cities, etc. As you prepare yourself for your new life in Scotland, you should know that there's one thing that you need to secure which can be the key to your success abroad: access to health care. It may sound so simple, but it is the most essential of all. You need to ensure that whatever happens, you are insured and in good hands. Read the next paragraphs that’ll help you in protecting your health while in Scotland.

Getting Insurance

Before calling private providers, you should contact first the Human Resource team at your company to ask if you have health care as part of your relocation package to Scotland. Most expats usually have this type of benefit so it is best that you ask your employer/ sponsor regarding the coverage of your policy. All insurance providers in Scotland are regulated on a UK-wide basis by The Financial Conduct Authority, so you have to check if your employer is accredited by them.

If you also want to get coverage from a different broker, you can contact some of the international and local insurance companies in Scotland. Keep in mind that deciding which one to choose is the most important part of securing your health and belongings, so take your time in studying their different policies to see which one can meet your needs. CIGNA Global is an international provider of world-class health coverage for expats in Scotland. You can also consider a local company such as NFU Mutual who offers financial and health insurance.

Importance of Insurance

Scotland is blessed with dramatic landscapes and considered to be one of the safest expat destinations in the UK. However, like any foreign countries, it is still best that your vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus, rabies, measles, hepatitis a and b are all updated. You should also be aware of the midge; insects that suck blood and usually fly in swarms during the summer season. They are more aggressive and comes out during twilight so make sure to cover up or use insect repellents especially during the night.

Since you are in a foreign land, having insurance is one of the things that you should have with you. It will not just cover emergency services or unpleasant incidences, but can also shoulder the fees for your regular check-ups, vaccinations and physical exams. In other words, having good medical policy can help you maintain and monitor your health to lessen the chances of you getting gravely ill.

Local Insurance in Scotland

The country’s public health care system is under the supervision of the National Health Service (NHS Scotland), ensures that all citizens and permanent residents are provided with free health service. Working expats need to pay contributions to the NHS to qualify for the public medical assistance while those from EU countries can receive the same free services of local Scottish as long as they show their European Health Insurance Card. For an emergency situation, you can dial 999 to get the immediate response from the ambulance and police department.

Aside from the benefits from the NHS and coverage from employers, expats in Scotland are also strongly advised to get international insurance. Multinational companies have longer years of experience securing the health, life and properties of thousands of expats in all parts of the globe. Having an international coverage will assure you that you have a team of experts protecting you anywhere and wherever you are.


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