International School Advisory in Serbia

Consulting an international school advisory in Serbia is a good move for all expats moving to the country with school age children. There’s a good number of international schools in the country, such as the British International School, Chartwell International School and Cmjanski High School, to name a few. With an advisory, it simply becomes easier to choose the right school for the right child.

After relocation, it is normal for expats to be worried about the adjustments their kids have to make with a new school and a whole new culture. To help make the transition easier and less traumatic, School Choice International provides placement assistance for those moving to Serbia and other parts of the world. For almost two decades, SCI has been providing support to expat families through expert consultancy services.

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Moving abroad is very exciting for most people, but when kids are part of the relocation, the matter becomes more serious. This is especially so when it's time to look for a suitable school or understand how the local educational setup works. Providing school placement advisory services in Serbia is the Good Schools Guide International, a group run by expats themselves, academicians and concerned parents who have first-hand experience with the local educational environment and its challenges.

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