Buying Property in Serbia



Serbia’s tranquil landscapes in contrast with the capital city’s pulsating nightlife can be an irresistible combination.

Remember that majority of the land in Serbia is owned by the state. However, urban land can be leased up to a maximum time of 30 years. Foreign nationals would normally be able to own or lease land only if they incorporate themselves in Serbia. Buildings and apartments can be owned without restrictions.

Once you have decided on the property you want to purchase, be prepared to make an agreement with the seller. It is best to have a lawyer or a trusted real estate agent while going through the process. Once you have both signed the agreement, you will normally be required to pay a 10% deposit.

Once this is done, your solicitor would then examine the property's title deed and history, as well as investigate the sellers of the property. If everything turns out to be fine, an original, final contract would be signed. This process can take about six weeks. This is all done in the presence of a public notary.

The buyer would then need to pay 5% property tax. This is based on the estimated value of the property being purchased. You would then need to have your property registered with the local Area Property Registry. This registration process can take about 186 days to complete.



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