Cost of Living in Serbia



If you had already made up your mind to move to Serbia, then it will surely delight you that the cost of living is reasonably priced.

Housing and utilities

There have been increases in the cost of housing due to the transition from socialism, though it remains affordable in comparison to other countries that are going through the same experience. Homeowners and public housing tenants spend about 10% of their income on housing expenses, while those who rent spend about 27% of their earnings.

If renting is something that you feel more comfortable with, you may want to secure around 262.50 euro in your monthly budget for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre. You can opt for a two-bedroom apartment in the city centre for 450 euro. Investing in a house would be good if you plan to stay in the country permanently, especially if you have disposable income. The price per square meter of an apartment in the city is about 2,166.67 euro.

Household utility expenses like water, electricity, and gas bills amount to 70 euro monthly. Billing for internet connection would be around 22.50 euro per month. You can also stay connected through your mobile phone; a 100-minute call would cost 10 euro. 

Food and transportations

One of the larger chunks of an expat's monthly budget goes to food. If you want to experience Serbia to the fullest, then you may want to start with what you put on your plate. 

Serbians are big fans of bread. It is normally served with almost all of the meals throughout the day. The good news is that it is easy on the pocket at 0.38 euro for a fresh loaf.

Other grocery basics such as milk costs about 0.73 euro per liter, a dozen eggs cost about 1.58 euro, and a kilo of fresh cheese about 6.67 euro. If you are craving fast food, a McDonald's meal costs around 4.15 euro.

Eating out can be a way of life for some; to others it's a common form of recreation. A meal in a mid-range restaurant would cost you around 21.67 euros for two people.

Enjoying some nightlife or bonding with friends over a beer is affordable too. A 0.33 liter bottle of imported beer in a bar costs about 2.36 euro or you can try the local ones at 1.49 euro for a 0.5 liter draught. If you prefer wine, a bottle of the mid-range kind costs about 4.33 euro.

If you map out your daily route you can figure out your transportation expenses. If you travel a specific distance regularly, then you can get a monthly pass for 27.00 euro. Should you find yourself in need of bigger cargo space when heading home, you can take a cab for 5.07 euro (for a distance of about 5 kilometers from the city center). If you have a car, note that gasoline costs about 0.94 euro per liter. 

Now that you have a basic idea of the price tag on life in Serbia, you are certainly more prepared to make that move.



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