Emergency Numbers in Serbia



No matter how many precautions you take, you can never be fully prepared for everything, and that includes emergencies. But you can always remedy an emergency situation easily if you know the country’s emergency numbers.

Unfortunately for Serbians and expatriates alike, the country has not yet made use of Europe's general emergency number of 112. However, there are direct numbers in Serbia that you can dial in case of an emergency.

For medical emergencies and ambulance services, you may dial 94 from any mobile or fixed phone in Serbia. You may be able to get in touch with an operator who speaks English. However, it is advisable that you learn at least a few key Serbian phrases for emergency situations.

As the country's emergency response system is still being improved, you may experience a delay and in medical emergencies and it would be helpful if you have record of the number of the nearest hospital or medical facility in your area.

For any crime related emergencies, you may get in touch with the police by dialing 92. Fire emergency services can be contacted through the number 93.

Should you encounter any road trouble, you may dial 987 to reach the proper authorities.

As with the rest of Serbia's health care system and emergency response system, do not set your expectations too high when it comes to response time and quality of facilities. Rest assured though that aggressive measures are being taken by the Serbian government to make improvements to the system.

The European Union has also recently helped by providing new ambulances to help Serbia be closer to EU standards when it comes to providing emergency medical services.



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