Having a Baby in Serbia



Moving to another country will always involve adjustments and risks.

The challenge is all the more difficult for women who are expatriating and also expecting a little one to be born in their new abode.

However, this should not dishearten women from travelling or expatriating to another country during their pregnancy as all countries have provisions for maternity care, one way or another. What an expecting expatriate would need to make sure of is to have sufficient coverage through international health insurance in Serbia.

Serbia is one of those countries in Southern Europe whose health care system and delivery are still a promising work in progress. The government is taking aggressive measures to improve these, and this definitely includes facilities for maternity care.

Also, the advent of medical tourism in the country has given expatriates more choices as far as private medical providers are concerned. You may ask a private health insurance provider in Serbia which hospitals they work with to ensure that you receive the best maternity care possible.

If you are already a legal resident of Serbia, you may also receive maternity benefits through the public health care system, accounting for 100% of your earnings or contributions.

Serbian law also protects the rights of pregnant women further by not allowing women to work during the first 32 weeks of pregnancy during night shifts or overtime hours if it would carry a risk to the child and the mother's health. The same applies for a pregnant woman's last eight weeks of pregnancy.

A woman may also go on maternity leave and parental leave to take care of the newborn child for two years at the most.



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