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Working abroad has never been easy. From leaving your home to adjusting to a whole new environment, every step of the transition process requires a lot of work. Most expats focus on the basic needs such as job, home, education food and transportation. Those are vital things, but what you should not forget is to apprehend the access to health care and protection on your list of immediate needs. We will help you learn about the benefits of being secured while improving your life in Serbia.

Getting Insurance

Medical insurance for expats is usually provided by their sponsors or employers as part of your benefits package. If you are going to Serbia under a relocation programme, then you must ask a representative from the Human Resource department about your medical coverage while working abroad. You should also check if your insurance provider or advisor is accredited by the National Bank of Serbia, a local institution which regulates the operation of all insurance providers in the country. If your employer makes changes to your policy or fails to provide your coverage, you can contact the National Bank of Serbia.

You can also get other types of insurance products through international and local brokers in Serbia. Remember, choosing the right company is very challenging and will be the key to your protection. It is best that you take your time in calling a couple of them so you can learn about their different policies that’ll help you decide which one can meet your needs. There is the AXA Global Healthcare, a multinational company who offers world-class medical coverage and the GENERALI OSIGURANJE SRBIJA, a local provider of both life and non-life insurance products.

Importance of Insurance

There are no significant health risks in Serbia, but you should always be prepared by having adequate health care and insurance. Tuberculosis, a serious communicable disease, has been a prevalent cause of death for many locals so it’s best that you stay away from populous areas and practice wearing a face mask. There are also cases of influenza virus that’s why before going to Serbia, make sure that all your vaccinations are up to date. Violence and crime are not major issues especially in the capital, Belgrade. However, expats are still advised to avoid travelling alone or at night near the Kosovan border which is considered to be a volatile area.

Having insurance will not make you immune to any sickness or harm, but can minimise the chances of you being gravely ill and can help you significantly in an emergency situation. Being properly educated about your policy will break the common myth that health care is only useful during an accident or for hospitalisation. Depending on your coverage, insurance will cover your vaccinations, routine check-ups, physical exams and other treatments that can help you maintain good health.

Local Insurance in Serbia

The public health care system of Serbia is under the supervision of the HIF or Health Insurance Fund, whose primary goal is to ensure proper medical assistance, is given to all citizens and long-term residents. If you are a newly arrived expat, your employer should register you under the HIF and deduct a specific amount from your salary which will serve as your contribution to the Compulsory Social Health Insurance. You should also prepare yourself to adjust to Serbia’s poorly maintained hospitals and lack of medical equipments. But you will find comfort in knowing that there are many highly qualified doctors, nurses and staff in all of the country’s facilities and health centres (domovi zdravlja).

As an expat in Serbia, it is still best that you get yourself an international insurance because of the limitations of using a local policy or the HIF. Multinational companies can provide you with the best insurance products that are tailor fit to meet your needs and lifestyle as an expat. Talk to your HR department or colleagues to better assess your need and go directly to the provider from the list of selected providers on ExpatFinder.


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