Health Risks in Serbia



One significant risk that expatriates must be ready for are health dangers or concerns that one may encounter in Serbia. One way of being ready is by ensuring that you have sufficient coverage through international health insurance in Serbia.

Majority of the causes of death in Serbia is largely related to problems with individuals' lifestyles. Leading cause of death are cardiovascular diseases, causing about 56.04% of fatalities. The second major cause is respiratory tract cancer and colon cancer, accounting for about 20.19% of deaths.

Communicable diseases though present in Serbia, are not a main cause of death. However one prevalent disease that's highly communicable is tuberculosis, affecting about 27.2 persons per 100,000 of the population.

Though it affects only a small portion of the population, tuberculosis is a serious disease that expatriates can be exposed to. You may avoid contracting this disease by avoiding highly populated places and observing good hygiene especially when in public places.

In recent years, Eastern Europe, including Serbia has also seen high occurrence of the avian influenza virus. This virus is spread by wild birds or several other avian species, and contracting the disease can be fatal.

Although Serbia's rural villages seem undeniably charming, you may want to avoid all direct contact with birds, and these includes chickens and ducks, to ensure that you steer clear of the dreaded avian flu virus.

You may check with the company that provides your private health insurance in Serbia to see what preventive measures you can have that is covered by your plan.