Real Estate in Serbia



Purchasing real estate can be quite an achievement for an expat. It's also a good investment. With Serbia's economy considerably improving, owning a piece of Serbian land gives you a definite advantage. 

After being a war-torn country for quite some time, Serbia is slowly becoming a source of prized real estate in Europe. The real estate market has benefited greatly from the arrival of foreign investment in Serbia. The value of property in the country has risen considerably in the last few years.

In the second half of the year 2009 alone, an additional 102,300 square meters of office space was added into the Belgrade business district. Belgrade, the country's capital, still remains the most popular real estate choice for foreigners.

The government is also doing its part in strengthening the Serbian real estate market. A recently enacted law on urban planning and development is aimed at improving the country's real estate investment climate. This simplified the building permit issuance process.

This law is sure to invite more investors in the real estate market. And as evidence of the country's improving circumstances, there were 5100 additional residential units that were built in the city of Belgrade alone in 2009.

Some of the popular building sites and real estate locations in the capital are Vrakar, Savski Venac, Vozdovac, New Belgrade and Zvezdara.

The government also reinforced and improved subsidies for residential loans which are aimed to increase not only the demand for property in Serbia, but also to provide further security to its investors.

All the measures being taken by the country's authorities combined with Serbia's innate charm and picturesque landscapes make it a real estate treasure trove.