Renting in Serbia



Renting is always the most popular choice for expatriates, whether they'd be first-timers or seasoned movers. This is because the renting process is simpler, there are more choices, and unlike purchasing a property, it doesn't really require extensive paperwork or a huge amount of money.

Still, it does require some knowledge of the renting system and of course, a determined decision on your end as to where you want to rent, and what your requirements are.

The first decision you have to make would have to do with location. Do you prefer to be somewhere near your workplace or somewhere closer to your new Serbian friend?

Choosing where to find a place can be tricky. But to make it simpler, consider what your priorities are. If you work on a set schedule, then it would be advisable to choose a place nearer your office. Cities like Belgrade, the capital, Novi Sad, and Niš, the second and third largest city, usually have a lot of rental options because of the presence of commercial establishments there.

Kragujevac, the city's industrial hub, is likely the place to find a number of job opportunities, so if you prefer being nearer to potential workplaces, you can rent an apartment unit or share a house there.

Those who do not mind a bit of commute time can settle for towns nearer the city centers where rental costs are lower and the air a lot fresher. Interesting nature sights and historical attractions are also found in outlying towns.

To ensure that you go through legal transactions and dealings when you start the rental process, ask for assistance from a local real estate agent, preferably someone recommended by a friend or colleague.



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