Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Serbia

Travel insurance multi trip in Serbia is highly useful to people who need to travel to the Balkan nation several times a year, such as international businessmen. True enough, the market for this insurance product is steadily increasing, as more people from other parts of the world realize the economic potential of Serbia, with its low corporate tax rates, highly skilled workforce and foreign policies that encourage foreign investments.


Flexibility is one of the most popular advantages of multi-trip travel insurance offered by International Medical Group to expats in Serbia and beyond. Proof to this is IMG's discounted currency conversion fees and speedy fund arrivals, along with other options such as claim reimbursements through checks and direct deposits and in-house currency exchange services.

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Expats in Serbia and worldwide have very specific insurance needs as global residents, and that is why care must be taken when buying travel insurance. Whether bags have been lost, or some need to be medically evacuated, MultiNational Underwriters provides just the right kind of coverage through Atlas Professional. In more than 130 countries around the world, MNU is the most trusted name for at least 3 million clients each year.

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