Single Trip Travel Insurance in Serbia

Travel insurance single trip in Serbia can provide ample protection for travelers to this landlocked country for the whole duration of a single trip. The options for this type of policy are many, considering the competitive market that exists today. Serbia is a very popular tourist destination which is frequented more during the summer than any other time of the year. For any traveler, this means there is great room to choose just the right travel policy for one’s needs.


Travelling is an adventurous experience worth of time and energy. However, it comes along with unexpected health issue. IMG Travel Insurance Single Trip is to assist travellers from Serbia for any temporary medical needs, while on business or vacation trip. The policy is available in three currencies ( USD, GBP, Euro) and no age limit cover.

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People who travel usually risk the safety and security they enjoy back home, such as insurance or health assistance. And this is the reason why MultiNational Underwriters in Serbia offers a Travel Insurance Single Trip which takes care of the risk so the travellers fully enjoy their adventure and gain as much experience as they can.

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