Allergies in Singapore



Allergies are not common in Singapore. Nevertheless, because of the tropical heat, humidity, general change in lifestyle (including eating habits), and city pollution, expats living in the city are more prone to new allergies (Read more about health protection in Singapore). Skin and blood tests may help determine an allergy and its corresponding treatment.

Possible Allergies

Some allergies may occur during the hottest and most humid of days, usually in the months of May and June. Avoid staying outside for very long periods to prevent allergies associated with the heat, dust and pollen if you are prone.

Another probable cause of allergic reactions is food. This may include eggs, nuts, dairy products, wheat, soybeans, and shellfish (including mussels, crab, and shrimp). There are individuals that may be allergic to coconuts, certain fruits, and gluten (a mixture of various plant proteins).

Make it a habit to check food labels to see if there's anything that could cause an allergic reaction to you or your relatives. If you're eating out, check the menu or ask the waiters. It is always wise to be extra cautious- it's your health that's on the line.

If you know of your allergies beforehand, make sure you stock up on medications in the case of emergency (steroid nasal sprays, tablets, creams, and antihistamines). If you do not have the required antihistamines, get medical attention as soon as possible.