Health Tips in Singapore



Singapore has one of the best health care facilities in Southeast Asia. Both private and public hospitals are well equipped, manned by trained staff and efficiently compete with each other. The competition between the two has helped keep the cost of healthcare reasonable. 

Make sure you have adequate health insurance. The difference between what Singaporeans pay for health care and what foreigners pay is about 30%. This is why sufficient health cover for expatriates becomes even more pertinent.  


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Hospitals & Clinics

Singapore has 13 private hospitals and ten public hospitals. The range of specialisations offered includes excellent eye care and dental care facilities. Those in need of hospitalisation can opt for different kinds of rooms each of which comes with a separate set of facilities and price tag. This is especially the case in private hospitals where patients can opt for a room with single bed, two beds or four beds.

There is no difference in the quality of service provided by private and public hospitals. The cost of health care in private hospitals, however, is higher.


Singapore's medical facilities are manned by qualified medical practitioners, in the private and public sector, many of whom have been trained abroad. Dentists and eye specialists offering the latest medical treatments at competitive prices can be found at least six specialised institutions in Singapore. 


Over-the-counter medicines can be found in selected Guardian stores, Unity stores as well as pharmacies at polyclinics and hospitals. There is usually a pharmacist on-site for you to consult as well. You can purchase medicines from supermarkets or pharmacies across Singapore. Business hours are 9 am to 6 pm and in some cases pharmacies are open until 10 pm. 

If you go with a prescription from your home country, it is unlikely that medicines will be dispensed by a Singaporean pharmacy. It is best that you visit a local doctor with your prescription and see if you could get the same prescription or a similar one there. 

In Case of an Emergency

In case of an emergency you can always head to the Accident and Emergency Departments of public hospitals. These sections function round the clock and are manned by well-trained doctors and nurses. Some hospitals you can contact are:

National University Hospital 67 795 555

Singapore General Hospital 62 245 484

Changi General Hospital 67 888 833

Tan Tock Seng 62 566 011

Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital 64 538 033