Singapore’s Top 10 iPhone Apps for Expats



Singapore is an incredibly tech-enabled country, boasting of having free Wi-Fi networks in key locations around the island for anyone to use, as well as most restaurants and malls.

For these reasons, new expats in Singapore have no need to fret. Armed with your iPhone, you can find the best stops for food, call for a ride and, as a bonus, throw in some Singlish phrases with these helpful apps:

1. Hungry Go Where (Lifestyle)

As any local will tell you, Singapore is a food haven. When you arrive, the first thing you’ll want to do is find some local dishes to try. Singapore is a wonderland of flavours. HungryGoWhere is a leading food source online, and they also have an app to let your browse restaurant listings and reviews anytime, anywhere. 

Download HungryGoWhere

2. SG Buses (Travel)

As if the country is not organised enough, SG Buses is a bus guide app that provides the lowdown of bus routes, schedules, bus stop numbers and arrival times. You would never be late to work again.

Download SG Buses 

3. SG PropertyGuru (Lifestyle)

As Singapore has more rentals than its total population, there are choices everywhere for those looking for accommodation. This app proves handy for those who are always on the lookout for residential and even commercial properties.

Download SG PropertyGuru

4. SG Malls (Navigation)

Shopping is Singapore’s favourite pastime. The SG Malls app contains a store directory, map and mall information for all malls in the country. Since you can’t beat the locals with their shopping habits, might as well join in the fun.

Download SG Malls

5. iHealth SG (Healthcare and Fitness)

Any Singaporean can attest how much they value healthcare. Hence, iHealth SG is a must have app to download, especially for expats with family. iHealth SG comes with a comprehensive guide to all health care facilities in Singapore. It can even detect the nearest health care facility through GPS.

Download iHealth SG

6. Wireless at SG (Utilities)

Singapore’s biggest Telco, Singtel, offers Wireless@SG, which seamlessly connects your iPhone to the secure Wireless@SG network each time you are in a Wireless@SG hotspot, of which there are plenty.

Download Wireless@SG

7. Skype (Social Networking)

With this Skype app, you can call, video call and instant message anyone else on Skype for free. Nobody leaves home without Skype on his iPhone.

Download Skype

8. XE Currency (Travel)

Tailored for frequent travellers and those in the financial market industries, XE currency will provide you with the latest rates for currency conversion to and from SGD. With the XE converter app, you can seamlessly convert 180+ currencies on the go.

Download XE Currency

9. ILoveDeals

Make most of the gastronomical delights in Singapore with the ILoveDeals app. IIovedeals lets you score mobile coupons that offer the best deals in different restaurants using your credit cards. You can even configure your credit cards to know the deals relevant to your interests. Never miss out on a great deal again.

Download ILoveDeals

10. Hosay!

Don’t get lost in translation. While Singaporeans almost always speak English, there are just some phrases that expats can’t understand. Get the Hosay app that features Singlish words and phrases. The next time you talk to Aunty in the Hawker centres or Uncle cabbie driver, make sure to impress them with your newfound vocabulary.

Download Hosay!