Useful links in Singapore


 Here you will find useful addresses and main TV channels that can serve you once you arrive in Singapore


Landlines/Mobile Phone/Internet


There are four free-to-air TV channels in Singapore broadcasting programs in English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. Many popular American sitcoms, dramas, and reality shows are broadcasted in Singapore. For more information, go to Toggle. Cable TV is also available in Singapore.

Important addresses for arriving expatriates

25 Napier Rd, Singapore

Tel: (65) 6836 4100

100 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247919

Tel: (65) 6424 4200

#12-00 Singapore Land Tower, 50 Raffles Place, Singapore 048623

T: (+65) 6533 6002

101–103 Cluny Park Road, Singapore

Tel: (65) 6880 7800

27 Napier Road, Singapore 258508

Tel: (65) 6476-9100

Emergency numbers

Even if the crime rate is one of the lowest in the world, you may need emergency numbers such as police or ambulance in case of an accident