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Almost all Singaporeans live in their own homes, while almost all who rent property in Singapore are foreigners. Rental prices for houses and apartments in Singapore are quite costly. Rent has also been rising in recent years. The cost of living in a decent apartment in Singapore could be anywhere from $2000 to $5000. A real estate agent is the preferable way of finding rental accommodation in Singapore.


It is also possible to find apartments through websites or classified newspapers. A month’s rent as a refundable deposit and copies of one's ID and work pass will be required to move in, as well as signing the Tenancy Agreement and the Letter of Intent. The letter of intent is used to indicate whether or not the property will be furnished by the tenants, how long they expect to stay, and the like.


Leases are usually for one year, but leases can be for shorter or longer periods. The tenant usually has to pay water, gas, phone and cable TV or broadband, but other utilities can be combined in the rent on request. The landlord will make an inventory list of all the property in the apartment when it is rented. The cost of staying in a hotel could be around $200 a night.

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