Single Trip Travel Insurance in Singapore

721,738 new immigrants moved to Singapore within the last 12 months alone. Although many of this number will leave within a few months of arrival, many thousands will stay permanently. For those who will be on short term assignment especially, travel insurance single trip in Singapore is an important consideration to make.


Expatriates to Singapore and to other locations have less worries when they subscribe with International Medical Group (IMG) for their health and safety while overseas. The GlobeHopper plans is particularly designed for every individual, families and organizations located worldwide. They also provide a 24-hour access to emergency services and account management to clients.

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The International Citizen Series, Atlas America, Atlas Professional and Atlas International are all brought to clients by the MultiNational Underwirter Inc. (MNUI). Expatriates to Singapore and to the rest of the world are fortunate to have a company like MNUI which has been in service since 1998. They have been a leader in the international insurance market.

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