International School Advisory in Slovenia

Consulting an international school advisory in Slovenia is a wise move for those who intend to move to this country with school-age children. There are many private and public schools in the country, including international schools that provide a multicultural environment for the special needs of expat kids. Ljubljana is the nation’s capital and is where most of the best schools are found.

Enrolling in an overseas school is not always easy. There are new and often vague admission cycles, lengthy waiting lists that are sometimes even politically influenced, and many other challenges. To help expat families through this maze, School Choice International provides its expert assistance services. SCI has worked closely with no less than 13,500 clients in Slovenia and the world over for the past 17 years.

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Offering school placement consultation services to expats who are planning to relocate to Slovenia is the Good Schools Guide International. In line with the service, GSGI gives expats an overview of school availability, similarities and differences, and other information unique to area such as the traffic situation, crime rates, communities and the rest. Before providing recommendations, GSGI profiles both the parents and the students against potentially suitable schools.

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