Essential Employment Paperwork in Slovenia



Foreign nationals coming from EU and EEA member states are on the same footing with Slovene citizens when it comes to work opportunities in the country. This means that the EU and EEA expats have the freedom to come to Slovenia and find a job without the need to apply for a work permit. 

Prospective employers of the EU and EEA expats need only register them to the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS) within eight days of the signing date of the work contract. Employers should also register the EU/EEA expat worker into Slovenia’s mandatory pension, invalidity, health and unemployment insurance. On the other hand, foreign nationals coming from non-EU/EEA member states are required to have a work permit before they can legally work in Slovenia. The issuance of the expatriate’s work permit should be in accordance with the Slovenian national legislation called “Employment and Work of Aliens Act"

Single Permit 

The employment permit issued to foreign nationals from third countries is referred to as the Single Permit which serves both as a residence and work permit. It is issued by the administrative unit of the Ministry of Interior after the employer gained the approval of the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS). 

The government of Slovenia adopts a Decree every year which gives a quota on the number of permits that can be issued so as to limit the number of foreign national workers on the Slovene labour market. In general, non-EU/EEA expat workers need to find an employer first who is willing to hire them, as these prospective employers are responsible for the expatriate’s permit. 

Validity Period and Extension of the Single Permit 

The validity period of the initial Single Permit issued to the expatriate will depend on the length of his employment contract but should not be longer than 12 months. This permit is also available for renewal as long as the both the employer and employee comply with the requirements of the ESS. It can be extended for the duration of the new employment contract or for a maximum of two years. The local government of Slovenia also has the authority to withdraw the validity of the Single Permit if the foreign national stop working or does not sign up for the compulsory social insurance.