QROPS in Slovenia

QROPS in Slovenia is provided by a number of companies or independent professionals usually based in the capital, Ljubljana. QROPS is a scheme that allows UK pensioners, whether or not they are UK citizens, to enjoy their pensions with lower tax rates, greater investment freedom and other benefits. Finding a QROPS specialist in Slovenia can be done online or through referrals from other UK pensioners.

For UK expats in Slovenia, there is one company to trust for pension transfers: Windsor Pensions. This leading expert in pension transfers is affiliated with EU-based Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS). QROPS have varying rules and portfolio compositions that address expats’ unique needs.

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A retirement plan means financial independence at the time that one can no longer work for himself. It is important that this be well taken cared off and secured so this will serve as the support system when the time comes. Horizon International Pension Plans – QROPS just has what it takes. It offers clients in Slovenia a multi-member plan with flexible investments suitable for UK pension transfers

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The QROPS program of Gerrards International Slovenia gives no restriction on the amount to be transferred, and clients are free to transfer all UK pension without leaving any residual pension assets in the UK. A hassle free UK pension transfer to QROPS with free deduction of any tax and opens opportunity for greater financial planning.

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