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The number of students who are being educated in the South African school systems is 12 million. They attend over 27 thousand schools, of which only 1000 of them are private schools. In the time of Apartheid in South Africa, before the year 1994, students from the white population were able to attend a good quality school for almost no money, while those from the majority black population were given only a limited amount of schooling.


There continues to be a higher rate of illiteracy among the adult populace of South Africa, and the remote and disadvantaged parts of the country still have a lack of adequate resources, but the South African Minister of Education is now taking steps to bring the quality of education available to a lofty level. More emphasis is being given to vitalizing the indigenous languages of South Africa and encouraging the expansion of their literature, aside from other reforms.


The three stages of education in South Africa are General Education, which is required up to grade nine, followed by Further Education, an optional grades 10 to 12, and then Higher Education and Training, which covers all tertiary education, from certificates to doctoral degrees.

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