Emergency Numbers in South Africa



It is normal for expats to feel anxious about unforeseen circumstances, especially when they have just relocated.

In South Africa, there is a reason to feel comfortable as a number of emergency hotlines will be accessible 24/7 to cater to everyone who calls for help.

For police and fire assistance, the number to dial is 1011 and for medical cases, 10177. For emergency road service, the number is 0800 01 0101, for poison emergencies, 0800 33 3444, for mountain rescue services, it's 021 948 9900 or just 107, sea rescue, 021 449 3500, and for aviation rescue services, it's 021 449 3500. For emergencies involving children, the hotline to dial is 0800 123 321.

All numbers are toll free and may be dialed from any landline or payphones in South Africa and for a meager fee from mobile phones.

In many cases, emergencies could have been attended to immediately but help hotlines have not been available due to people's failure to take them down. It is advisable to save all these emergency numbers on one's mobile phone or to write them on a clean sheet of paper and place them in a spot of the house where everyone can see them, preferable beside the telephone.

South Africa's response team has so far boasted of efficient service and it is now up to the people, especially expats, to take the initiative to make sure these help lines are available when needed.



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