Having a Baby in South Africa



South Africa is known to be a child and family-friendly country, as shown by its varied programs designed specifically for children and families.

Definitely, this works as an advantage to expat women who are planning to have a baby locally especially those with private health insurance

The first thing an expat mother needs to do upon confirming pregnancy is to decide whether to seek care from a gynecologist or a midwife, both of whom will be found in any hospital. When choosing a gynecologist, the mother will be seen for prenatal checkups in the hospital where the doctor is affiliated. Midwives may also do prenatal checkups but will not be able to do scans. However, a midwife can refer a mother to a gynecologist at certain times when scanning is necessary. Upon giving birth, the gynecologist or midwife will be present with the mother to assure continuity of care. The baby will then be referred to a pediatrician working in the same hospital where the mother delivered.

The cost of having a baby in South Africa mostly depends on the maternity care provider and hospital chosen. For example, public doctors in a public hospital will definitely cost less. However, most expat families prefer their babies to be born in private institutions where care is first class. The state offers a 40% co-payment scheme for all public medical expenditures but most expat mothers take out international health insurance South Africa and give birth in private institutions.



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