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Financial planning is a vital aspect in securing your future where insurance plays a significant role in its success. Expats should know that health care and protection in Johannesburg is easy to access since the city is the headquarters of South Africa's leading insurance providers, so you might end up just walking into a high street branch. But it all starts with understanding you needs. Here are some details on how you get and use your insurance for a worry free life in Jo'burg.

Getting Insurance

Medical protection is the most basic type of insurance that expats have and it is most often provided by their employers as part of the relocation package. However, an employer provided medical insurance doesn’t always cover the dependents. If you are relocating with your family, you can check with CIGNA Global, a known international provider of health insurance among expats in the city. There are also several local companies such as Khanyisa Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd that can secure your home, motor, and offers a wide range of various policies.

You should see to it that the provider you are signing up with has a valid license from the Financial Services Board (South Africa). It is also the same institution that you can contact in case your broker makes any unauthorised changes or fail to adhere to the agreement in your policy.

Almost all insurance companies in Johannesburg have their websites which make it a lot easier for you to shop around. You can talk to your new colleagues or Human resources department to get any recommendations. You just have to browse through their online portals, and you’ll instantly get an idea of their different plans and price range. Just give them a call or send an email so that you can schedule a sit down with one of their agents who will assist you in getting the plan that you need.

Importance of Insurance

There are a couple of nature hazards in Joburg that calls for the need of insurance. Damage caused by lightning and flood is common in South Africa but not at high risk in Johannesburg. However, it is still best that you get a property insurance that’ll secure your assets. It will also give you the confidence that your finances will not be compromised because of certain repairs or replacements.

Health hazards such as tuberculosis and HIV are also prevalent in the city and all over South Africa. The best way to keep you from getting infected is by proper prevention and staying physically fit. Depending on your type of policy, health insurance can cover essential services such as a regular visit to a doctor, physical exam and diagnostic tests. These medical procedures can decrease the chances of you getting gravely ill and help you maintain a healthy condition.

Local Insurance in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the most prosperous city in South Africa where the insurance industry is considered to be one of the pillars that hold the country’s economy. All of the international and local companies in South Africa are under the supervision of the Financial Services Board and SAIS or South African Insurance Association. These two institutions are in charge with monitoring their lawful operation and protect the rights of all policyholders in the country.

The SAIS statistics showed that only 35% of cars in Johannesburg and across the country are insured. It led to the soon to be implemented compulsory vehicle and third party liability insurance for all cars and owners. Though it is not yet mandatory, it is still best for you to get auto and TPL coverage so that you do not have to shoulder the full expenses in case you encounter an accident or caused damage to other people or properties.

There are many competitive local insurers in Joburg. However, expats should also strongly consider getting an international policy. National providers are sometimes limited by borders which make it a bit hard for expats to find the suitable plan from them. International insurance, on the other hand, can give you medical or emergency service anywhere you are and can provide policies that are designed to meet the lifestyle or needs of foreign workers abroad.



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